Amazing Before and After~And A Secret That Could Completely Transform Your Home

Today, I am going to reveal a big decorator secret along with an example to back it up.  It's one change  that will make everything in your home look amazing.  Seriously.  By using this theory, you may quite possibly fall in love with what you already have.  Decorators use this approach for dramatic results without blowing the budget.

If you would like to give your home a completely new look without purchasing a lick of new furniture try this...

...instead of changing what is in a space, change what surrounds it.

Case in point, Chuck and Kim's home office before:

 {actually the halfway point, I didn't catch them in time for actual "before" shots}


And after:


A few weeks ago, I shared Kim and Chuck's amazing staircase makeover.  If you missed it, you can see it here.  This is another project they tackled in their home.   They transformed this space from a builder-grade, home office into a stunning, sophisticated, custom-home-looking den.

The biggest change was the addition of crisp, white decorative molding.   

Whether it's picture frame molding, board and batten, wainscoting, bead board, chair rail, crown molding, or extra tall baseboards,  decorative molding enhances every living space. 
Especially if you choose a style that compliments the architecture and style of your home.

Beautiful moldings create architectural interest, character and refinement for minimal investment.  
Moldings have a way of showcasing the contents of a space making everything in it feel special.  

Their new hardwood floors added to the effect.  By replacing beige carpet with beautiful hardwood floors, this space went to another level of gorgeousness.  This change was not cheap however, these hardwood floors were a great investment.  

If you have a space that really bothers you, but you are overwhelmed by the idea of replacing everything, try adding decorative molding.  You may find that's all it needed. 

Chuck and Kim, thank you for letting me share your beautiful home, again.
Carpentry in this space completed by Eric Jaskowski with Complete Construction.

This post is part of my decorating advice series titled, "That's what she said".  Click here for more simple, uncomplicated decorating advice and solutions for common design dilemmas.


  1. How do you know at what height to put a chair rail in accordance with the height of your ceilings?

  2. Thanks! I've often wondered what those different techniques are called. I've looked them all up on pinterest. I guess there are ways of doing it for each budget too, right?

    I agree that it definately makes a room look more luxurious.

  3. I love this idea but for many of us in California the ranch style homes come included with orange-peel textured walls. I wish there was a simple way to get the same look on that type of wall.


  4. What a great room! Do you know what color blue was used for the top color? Thanks!

  5. Amazing how painting all the trim beneath the chair rail white really transformed the space. I love the wall color above too!

  6. Hi Sarah, what a beautiful home you have! I came here via Pinterest, and have been going through all the posts compulsively! My husband and I just bought our first place (and so much more room than a dorm!! :P) and it's floors are covered in horrible blue carpet! We were looking at laminate options, since we plan to adopt two dogs, and, like you, I discovered that hardwood isn't the best option for a household with furry kids! What I am wondering is, are you still happy with your floors after all these months? Would you recommend these floors? I would so appreciate your feedback on this. Thank you so much for letting me spy on your beautiful house :)

  7. What a beautiful idea! Love the blue color as well and would love to know the shade.

  8. Yeah for years I always wondered what some of "those" homes had that made them so special and I did figure that out eventually. Thanks for confirming it. I love your blog it has so a ton of useful info.

  9. I love the look of moulding but not shure what would go with the architecture of my house. We have a 90s house that has vaulted ceilings, and is pretty open. It's a mix between a Tri level and a two story. The family room is 3 steps down from the mail living space and the upstairs is a full flight up (instead of half flight like a normail Tri level). Do you have any suggestions?


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