Our Budget Friendly Outdoor Dining Room

As with most cape cod inspired designs, our home is on the small side.  Our outdoor spaces are important, we use them daily as living space.  During spring/summer/fall our backyard deck turns into our everyday dining area.  

We spent the weekend working in the yard and preparing our outdoor spaces for summer.  We started with a little makeover on the outdoor dining room.  My husband gave the deck a good power washing while I hit our local home improvement store for some budget friendly outdoor decor.  


I wanted to make this space feel more like an extension of the house.  To do this, I incorporated elements found inside such as; textiles and art. 
I started with a soft, cozy outdoor area rug from Target. 


Wave petunias and sweet potato vine seem to thrive here.  They usually end up with a mind of their own.   With a little patience, these plants will take over. 
This is great for the budget, a big bang for the buck.  In the fall, I pitch the plants but save the planter to re-use year after year.  

I spruced up our existing outdoor dining set with new cushions.   

Instead of going with a full set of replacement cushions from Lazy Boy (the manufacturer of our furniture),  I chose a basic seat cushion and two toss pillows from Home Depot.  This cut the cost in half.

The color and pattern the pillows bring to the space is desperately needed while the plants are still small.  Another colorful element that we enjoy every year is our favorite piece of art. 

 It was a gift to me by talented local folk artist, MShaw (also known as my Aunt Margaret).  Her choice of medium is anything old, found, reclaimed, recycled.  This piece happens to be painted on a piece of slate, great for outdoors. 

We are almost officially ready for summer.  I'm still on the lookout for outdoor dinnerware and serving pieces. 

  Anyone have any suggestions on where to find fabulous, budget friendly outdoor dinnerware?


  1. That looks so pretty! I love the red, and the deck looks great! I love to hit up Target for outdoor furniture. I bought a set last year and hope to add some more pieces to it this year.

  2. Eveything looks so beautiful and inviting. I'm curious as to how you are hanging your Aunt's wonderful artwork on the house? It looks like you have vinyl siding similar to mine, and I'd also like to hang art but don't want to drill into the siding. Suggestions? thank you and enjoy your charming porch :)

  3. I'm a new follower & I absolutely love you blog - and your house! Such great money saving ideas. I'm a real estate agent & can't wait to show some of your ideas to my clients before putting thier homes on the market!! Check out my blog if you like.


  4. LOVE your furniture! Great space!

  5. Love what you've done here. Great rug from target. Who knew? I'd love to incorporate one under our outdoor dining table, but worry it will just get ruined. Something to think about. Thanks for sharing, liz

  6. So pretty! I love the rug and pillows!! Can I come over and hang out? :-)

  7. Looks amazing! Love the pillows! I would suggest Target or Kohls for outdoor dinnerware. Good luck!


  8. I too love the idea of an outdoor rug but how do you maintain it?

  9. Sarah, this is such a cozy outdoor space. I've been crazy busy in the backyard too...but unfortunately, EVERYTHING needed stain and paint this year before I could get to the fun stuff like new cushions. Ack. Enjoy your space! ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  10. Do you have a Christmas Tree Shoppes in your area?? If so, they're a great resource for inexpensive outdoor tableware.

  11. Your patio looks amazing - I just wanted to get a book and crawl through the computer to sit there all day! I get all my outdoor plates, etc. at Target - they have great colors right now and it's not very expensive.

  12. Gorgeous! I love the lime green potato vine in pots!

  13. Wow your patio is so simple yet looks so comfy and relaxing! By the way do you happen to know the stain that was used on your deck railing? I love it!

  14. Sarah,

    Your outdoor space is so lovely! The rug. The colors. The pillows and fabric. Love them all!

    And I, too, am a huge fan of potato vines. It's like one of the only plants that can survive my brown thumb!

    Oh, and Aunt Margaret's folk art is stunning. She's very talented.



  15. HOMEGOODS!!!! For dinnerware or anything for the home or garden.

  16. Love the space. As for outdoor flatware, I like antique/old silver-it stands up to the wind, will hold your napkin down, and kids won't bite through them. You can find them at garage sales/etc and they are usually inexpensive. The mix and match aspect is fun, too!

    Dinner plates can be had at Wal-Mart for a few dollars. If you are ethically opposed to Wally World, Target or the Dollar Store should have a variety to pick from as well.

    Enjoy your shopping!

  17. Great styling. You upscaled that so well. I need your talents over here.

  18. Homegoods is my go to store for cheap plastic serving pieces from glassware to plates in tons of colors and styles. That said the Privet House stuff at Target is very nice.

  19. Instead of plastic, why not go thrift store shopping for some real stuff and mix and match. You pay next to nothing, and if you break a dish, it's no big deal because it was probably less than a $1 anyway. Isn't it crazy that outdoor cushions are so darn spendy? I still have no idea why! You're patio looks great and ready for a party :)

  20. this space looks so pretty!! I think if I just hose down my old stuff it'd look 1,000 times better! This has inspired me! :)


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