31 Days of Character Building: How To Create Semi-Custom Window Treatments

Welcome to Day 15 of my 31 Day Series, Building Character.


This post is dedicated to window treatments...

I love custom window treatments, I just don't love the price.  Therefore, I have purchased and altered ready-made, store bought drapes throughout my home.  

In the Family Room and Breakfast Nook, I used my DIY Striped Drapes layered over white canvas roman shades from Target.  You can read about how I created the striped drapes, Here.  Originally, they were plain white canvas drapes from Restoration Hardware.  I gave them a custom look by attaching wide black horizontal stripes.





In The Master Bedroom, the blue drapes are actually blue sateen sheets that I cut and hemmed to create the look of silk drapery panels.  I purchased dark bamboo roman shades from Target to layer under the panels. This combination was used to create juxtaposition between soft, shiny blue fabric and the dark, natural, rustic texture of bamboo.

The same combination was applied in the Master Bath with a valance made from a shower curtain and the same dark bamboo roman shade.

In the Dining Room, white canvas drapes from Restoration Hardware were layered over white canvas roman shades from Target.  In this space, I wanted to allow as much natural light in as possible so I stuck with solid white.  The transom windows were a great feature that I did not want to cover with a shade so, I mounted the roman shade below the transom.  It is great for privacy and still lets in a little light.

***Here is a great link for tips including a video from Potterybarn on how to hang your drapery panels***

Layering is an easy way in itself to give store bought window treatments a custom look.  My favorite way to layer window treatments is to use roman shades under drapery panels.   I think it makes them appear more tailored and expensive.

Thanks for visiting, are you getting sick of me yet?  We're almost halfway through my 31 Day Series!

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  1. I love this series! I am newly converted from custom drapes in our previous homes. I hated the commitment once I invested in them!
    Your black & white drapes are fab. I love the dramatic impact of them in your home!

  2. Seriously awesome. I've been following your 31 day changes...you've proven that stylish and chic doesn't need to cost $$$. What a great eye you have!

  3. I never tire of your wonderful design advice, so glad you committed to this series!!!!

  4. Love it! You make all this seem so easy! Thank you for taking the time to post all this!

  5. Love what you did. What a transformation. Cant wait to go back and see your post on all the 31 days.

  6. The layered look really does look more expensive and intentional and you have some great examples.

  7. I LOVE your dining room, especially the paint color - would you mind posting what color you used? Thank you!

  8. Hi there,

    Semi window custom treatments described here are awesome, mind blowing


  9. I finally made the big stripe B&W curtains!! I slightly altered the way I made them but they turned out great! I made them for my own house and I get sooo many compliments on them! I had them envisioned in my head but I could not find them anywhere--this is how I stumbled upon your website! I am also a decorator and I feel like we are long lost sisters! Our houses look like TWINS! I just saw a kitchen makeover you did on here where you made the kitchen white--Looks FAB! I am always trying to convince clinets to paint their cabinets and ugly brick fireplaces. Just tonight I saw where you white washed brick. Simply fantastic! We serioulsy may have known eachotehr in another life!! Oh--and my husband is not thrilled because last summer I bought a small wingback in hope to redo it (after seeing how you did the zebra one) and I soon realized I was WAY in over my head...so there it sits! I am pretty crafty and I have done similar projects that you do but you are many levels ahead of me in that department...lol! I am going to have to toss it I think!! :)


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