31 Days of Character Building: It's Not What's In A Room, It's What Isn't

Welcome to Day 21 of my 31 Day Series, Building Character.  Sometimes, the little details make all the difference.  The electrical covers throughout our home were shiny white plastic.  After we started painting each room and adding custom moldings they really started to stick out.


 Here is what we replaced them with...

These are from Home Depot.  Most of them were in stock. Some of them had a unique combination of functions like the phone jack and the internet cable which had to be special ordered.  After a light sanding we spray painted them with spray primer and antique white spray paint.  

 It was such a small thing but once we replaced them the difference was remarkable.  It's not like now you walk in and say "Wow, what beautiful light switches" it's that before you'd walk in and they slapped you in the face.

See you tomorrow!
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  1. Oh I should do that as well. Thanks!!! Your series has been wonderful by the way - you've given me so many helpful tips and it's been great to read!

  2. What brand of spray paint do you use?

  3. great idea! We reno'd our home and switched from beige to white switchplates, which made a huge difference, but we never thought to use the style that you showed us. That would have looked amazing!

  4. Your switchplates are very pretty now, I wonder if I should do that! Cindy

  5. I live in a rental and I think every switch plate/outlet cover is different. It's driving me nuts. This is one easy thing to fix and pretty inexpensive. Great tip!

    1. Remember to save the plastic switch covers in a ziploc so you can take your pretty covers with you when you move.

  6. This is an easy solution to such a little detail that does cheapen your attempts at customizing your space! You really have thought of everything in this 31 things article. :)


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