31 Days of Character Building: DIY Basement Poles Into Columns

Welcome to Day 29 of my 31 Day Series Building Character.  Yesterday, I introduced you to our builder basement makeover and I shared our Aged Brick Basement Wall.  

Today, I am going to continue in the basement with another simple way we kept the basement makeover costs down while adding character at the same time...  

Every basement has metal support poles.  Most of the time, when a basement is finished, they are hidden inside the new walls or covered in drywall.  We decided to turn our poles into columns.    We covered them with rustic pine boards and trimmed them out with moldings.  It added great architectural interest to the space.  Basements need all the help they can get.

It was a great way to incorporate a few extra electrical outlets.  We were very happy with the look and even more happy with the money it saved us.  


More on the budget friendly builder basement makeover with character to come.  


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  1. Totally agree with you! It's the small details (that first layer) that can either make or break a room. Love it! M.

  2. Looking good...always need more outlets!!!


  3. I love this idea. Wondering if we could do it with the metal poles on our exterior porch and carport...


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