Using Home Decor To Remember My Dad

Fathers Day is bitter-sweet for me.  I lost my Dad two years ago to cancer.  It's a tough day for obvious reasons.

Today I wanted to share the ways in which I use Home Decor to keep my Dad alive in our home and part of our everyday life (without it looking like a shrine)...


This one (my dad and I) is in the Master in a display of photos from my husband and I when when we were children.

 Here watches over the family command center (the photo in the center is him on his boat)...


This shelf was a gift he made for me...

Our bookcase is the dollhouse he made for my sister when she was little.

Christmas Decorations:

 This entire Christmas tree is dedicated to the ornaments he collected for me over the years...

This is my daughters tree with special ornaments he gave to her...

DIY Projects: 

Our home is full of projects we worked on together, like my daughters Headboard Turned Desk

Art projects:  

this one pays homage to his love for the Beatles...

And this one reminds the kids of his silly words of wisdom about their teeth.

Now, on a lighter note, Fathers Day is sweet for me because I get to spend the whole day celebrating my Hubby and what a wonderful father he is...

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him with the kids...

Happy Fathers Day!


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Love the ways you pay tribute to your Dad

    Enjoy the day with your husband and family.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  2. What a nice tribute, Sarah. Your dad was a great guy. :)

  3. How very sweet. Your dad must have been an awesome and very thoughtful guy. :)


  4. SO Glad you found me and in return Found you!!! :)Yeepee!!

  5. Feeling for you today, I too lost my dad two years ago to cancer. I love how you keep him alive in your home and lives.

  6. Aww I'm sorry :( But these are such great ways to have him with you every day. It's definitely a nice idea and it's not "shrine-like" at all. It's beautiful & I'm sure he's looking down on you with a huge smile on his face.

    xo katie elizabeth

  7. Sarah,

    Father's Day is bittersweet for us too. My husband lost his dad a little over two years ago and Father's Day is always difficult. I need to add more pictures of him to our home..thank you for this.

  8. you have a beautiful family and I think you've done a wonderful job honoring your father's memory in your home...

  9. You have had two very special men in your life, this was a lovely tribute to them both, Kathysue


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