Amazing Baby Blanket Wedding Dress

Today's post is not necessarily about interiors.  It's more about the concept of taking something off the rack and customizing it to become totally unique.  
A technique that I absolutely love to apply to interior design. 

Don't you agree that dressing your baby bassinet with your wedding gown is the sweetest thing? 
 Like this one:

 {Please click to here to view photo at it's original source}

The sentiment behind a wedding dress becoming the baby linens is so romantic. 
Recently my friend Lindsey got married and her Mom, Linda, took this idea in the opposite direction... 

(Lindsey's Mom, Linda)

She used Lindsey's baby blankets to create her wedding dress.

She started with an elegant off-the-rack wedding gown,

and embellished it with over 500 hand stitched rosettes to create this magnificent one of a kind dress.  

Each rosette was created using fabrics from Lindsey's baby blankets and high school formal dresses.  It is a beautiful representation of her life from the beginning to the day she was married.  

She also incorporated vintage jewelry, buttons and imported ribbon on each hand crafted rosette.

Here are the friends and family who helped her.  The process took months but the result was soooo worth it.   

She even made a matching flower girl cute!

Won't this dress be the most adorable bassinet someday?  

What a great example of how something purchased off-the-rack can be personalized into something totally unique.  Now that you have seen this bright, beautiful wedding color scheme, you have to see their wedding cakes...

Thanks, Lindsey for letting me brag about you and your unbelievably talented Mom.


  1. How beautiful!! Not only was it the coolest idea, but she very tastefully did it and the arrangement of the flowers were AWESOME!! :)

  2. Wow what a creative idea!


  3. What a beautifully done wedding! I love the colors.

  4. I love, love, love this dress! Too bad I am already married. hehehehe

  5. woot for the project. Personal touches adds more elegance to the wedding gown:)

  6. What a meaningful dress. I love the stories behind creations. Amazing!!!!

    I got married in Utah but I am a Texas born and raised girl so I had a bluebonnet applique on my dress to add a personal sentiment to my dress. Good memories and great to pass down to my step daughter's.

  7. Wow what an awesome idea...and so very pretty!!!

  8. What an amazing and special dress! This is so awesome!

  9. What a labor of love! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Stunning!!! What a lucky blessed girl to have such a thoughtful, caring, loving mother. What a PERFECT idea!! One can only dream of having a mom like this! My little one is only 5, but I am printing this post and keeping this for her. I hope to do this for her one day. What a true keepsake.
    Honestly this is my most favorite post on any blog I have ever seen!!

  11. Wow! IZADORABEL! Top shelf. Looks like the rosettes were made from materials imported from the Paris Fabric District. I'm sure it was a "million dollar view" watching your little girl walk down the isle in this dress. My daughter is planning a wedding next year at Milford Manor, we hope to use some of your ideas...Hats off to you Lindsey's Mom...or should I say "crowns" off to you.


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