Spooky Family Room

Isn't it so much fun decorating for Halloween? Every year I try to do something different with the same old stuff.

This year my Halloween mantle was inspired by nature.

The branches landed in the lot next door after a storm a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw them I knew I would be using them for this.

I used spanish moss and bittersweet layered on top of Christmas lights for a little nighttime drama.

The black crows, spooky cloths and the orange paper came from the dollar store.

I found these cool graphics at one of my favorite blog spots, The Graphics Fairy.

If your not already addicted to her blog, you will be now.

The kids get so excited about Halloween decorations.

I try to keep it somewhat friendly while they are still little.

They each have their own favorite decoration that they look forward to.

Does any one else find it challenging to balance tradition with keeping things current & exciting?

Keeping that in mind, some things must always be the same.

Thanks for visiting.

Moving on to the dining room...


  1. You inspire me. Thank you for all your creative ideas! I look forward to more.

  2. Wow . . . looks great! I think I will need to go to the Dollar Store! :) I totally get what you mean about keeping the traditional decorations that bring back memories while trying to stay current. I run into this problem at Christmas. I decided to put all of those types of decorations in the basement for the kids to enjoy down there. :)

  3. Hello, I love the warm colors in your home! I've recently started following several blogs and love yours! I'm new so I somehow deleted my first comment. Your decorating style is so stylish but comfortable as well. Could you please share the names of the paint colors in your family room and entry way? I live in Seattle and we need color in our home due to the dreary days :) Thanks again and great job!

  4. Okay, I'm a new follower. Your decor and pictures are gorgeous! And I collect milkglass cake plates, too.

    One thing, though...I wish there were post labels so I don't have to read every post in the archive. Just kidding. I'd probably have read them all anyway. :)

  5. I was wondering if you can tell us about your big monogram that you have in your dining room now. I love it. Did you make it, buy it...I'd love to know!


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