Loving what I have...

Our home is starting to show it's age. The original plan was to stay here for three years and then move on to something new. We have now been here for 5 years. If you are from Michigan, you know we aren't going to be moving any time soon.

You also know that we are lucky to still have our jobs and our home.

So, I have decided to appreciate what I have. I started to go room by room and freshen things up. This week it was the Main Entrance. Nothing major happened here, just a few tweaks that didn't cost a lot.

The front door got a fresh coat of Martha Stewarts "Barn Red". I used Faux Iron Finish spray paint in flat black to re-new the tarnished door knob and knocker.

The Brass kick plate added a little *bling*

Hanging baskets with Geraniums and Ivy brightened up the porch.

Inside the front door, the foyer got a little TLC...

Fresh paint (Martha Stewart "Coir"), a new wool rug.

A sheer sidelight panel added a little softness and privacy.

The tile grout was starting to look gray so it got a new look with an off white grout paint. A little detail that made a big difference. The light oak banister was updated with cream colored paint to match the trim.

My giant rusty tin stars from Mexico got a face lift with the Iron finish spray paint.

Lastly, I scored these over sized canvas prints at Home Goods. They were just what the wall going up the stairs needed. The theme of children & candy was too perfect.

I think I might fall in love with our house all over again...Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Your house is beautiful . . . I love your style. I'm glad that you are tyring to be happy and content with what you have. :)

  2. I love it! I realllly like the color, I might have to use that if we ever move!

  3. I love it! Everything looks wonderful. I had no idea that you could paint the doorknobs, I think I see a weekend project in the works!

  4. You have an amazing talent, I love your home. Back in November 2009 you posted pictures of your living room, my sister fell in love with the picture collage frame that you had above your fireplace mantle. Will you please, please tell me where you got that from, my sister just bought her first home and I'd like to try to find one for her. Thanks in advance.

  5. I just came across your nautical boys room on RMS...boy am I glad I did! I've just begun to look at your blog and I love everything I see :) What a great idea to paint those brass knobs...I have them in my home too and have been thinking of replacing them....maybe now I won't need to...

  6. Thanks, Girls. Your all so sweet. One thing I need to mention about the doorknobs, a metal primer and a light sanding are necessary. Otherwise, the paint will not stick.
    CindyZoe, I found the picture frame at Big Lots a few years ago. I painted it black, it was originally dark cherry. Thanks again.

  7. looking to paint my front door red...I see that you used Martha Stewart Barn Red but I can't seem to find that...what brand paint was it? And how many coats did it take? And my next project just might be doing all my door nobs...thanks for the idea!!

  8. Hi, I'm a new follower, I love your blog. I too need to freshen up my home and was wondering about how to fix the grout above my shower. I have searched and found a number of products, but have no idea which one to use. Would you mind sharing what you used for grout paint? Any help you can offer would be wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful day, can't wait to look at more of your blog!

  9. Can you tell me how you painted your staircase. I have wood railings and would like to paint them white, but am intimidated by the turned balusters.

  10. I just love your post. I'm begging to know where you got your coat rack. Hubby and I have been searching high and love for something just like this.

  11. Beth,
    Thank you for visiting! I purchased the black coat rack from Ballard Designs last year. I believe they still carry it. Regards, Sarah

  12. So beautiful and fresh! Please share how you painted your tile grout - what you used. Thank you so much for sharing! You're a true inspiration!

  13. The pictures of your home feel so "homey" to me. I love your style and decorating on a budget. Thank you for sharing!


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