Seasonal Depression=Decorating Therapy

Remember my post the other day about my "longing for summer"? Well, another Michigan snowstorm almost put me over the edge. I decided to take matters into my own hands and add a little spring inside with some simple but fresh accessories. Nothing livens up a space like fresh fruit, vibrant red tulips and a gigantic fern. I took a sample of my kids' colorful artwork and placed it among our black and white display.

Now it feels a little like spring inside even though this is the view of our backyard...

...and this is who greeted us from across the street this morning!


  1. Nice touches! I especially like the artwork amongst the black and whites.

  2. Beautiful touches to a cold snowy winter day. Love the tulips!! What a sweet way to show your kids how special their artwork is!

  3. I had recently painted a round mirrors frame black and was stumped on a place to hang it, then I ran across your blog, and it now sits on one of my accent tables as a tray, it looks great thanks for the wonderful idea!


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